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    In vertical machining center, we have launched six series such as VCENTER-55/70, VCENTER-85/102ABC, VCENTER-110/130, VCENTER-145, VCENTER-205 and VCENTER II-550. The advantages of VCENTER-85/102ABC are below. Machining centers that mix high production demands with heavy cutting conditions Vcenter-85/102ABC has been fortified with heavy duty, hardened and ground boxways into their Meehanite cast columns, which ensure that all the high radial and axial cutting forces that arise during heavy cutting are easily absorbed. The headstock / boxway surfaces have been bonded with the low friction composite Turcite B that prevents any stick-slip movements. These machines use high accuracy linear guides in the X and Y axis that help produce high positional accuracies and very high raped feed rates.