Vcenter 205

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In vertical machining center, we have launched six series such as VCENTER-55/70, VCENTER-85/102ABC, VCENTER-110/130, VCENTER-145, VCENTER-205 and VCENTER II-550.

Machining centers built to withstand the heaviest of today’s cutting conditions
Designed by following extensive research and feedback from numerous machine tool users, the VCENTER-205 has been designed with a long fixed table to provide multi-tasking machining precision with 30m/min rapid traverse in all axes. The traveling column enables pendulum loading and machining in cycle to reduce load/unload times and to maximize spindle utilization.

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TravelX axis travelinch80.71
Y axis travelinch21.65
Z axis travelinch22.05
DistanceSpindle center to columninch25.12
Spindle nose to table surfaceinch7.09 ~ 29.13
TableTable work areainch98.43 x 21.65
Dimension of T-slotinch0.2 x 0.71 x 3.94
Max. table loadlbf2646
SpindleSpindle taperinchCT-40
Spindle montor-cont / 30 / 10 minHP(AC)10 / 14.7 / 20 (opt. 20 / 24.7 29.3)
Spindle speedrpm12000
Feed rateRapid feed rate-X/Y/ZIPM1181 / 1181 / 1181
Axis feed motor-X/Y/Z5.1 / 2.8 / 5.1
Cutting feedrate by tableIPM295.3 (opt. 393.7)
X ballscrew diameterinch2
Y ballscrew diameterinch1.57
Z ballscrew diameterinch1.57
Linear quide width (X/Y/Z)inch1.77 / 1.77 / 1.77
ToolsMax. tool lengthinch13.78
Max. tool weightlbs17.6
Magazine capacity24 disc (opt. 32)
Max. tool diameter (without adjacent tools)inchψ3.15 (ψ5)
Tool exchanging timesec.2.5 (T-T)
Pull stud angledeg.15 (JIS-40P)
Tool selection methodRandom
MachinePower requirementkVA40
Min./Max. air pressurePsi80.8 ~ 95.5
Coolant tank capacityGal105.6 (opt. 158.4 with conveyor)
Net weightlbsFANUC Oi-M
Std. NC controller208.66 x 125.2
Floor space requirementinch116.93
Max. Machine heightinch19950

Vcenter-205 brochure (20120831p)  Vcenter-205 brochure (20120831p)