Vcenter A72

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The new series of models 72/85/110 Vcenter-A was launched to provide a new type construction VMC standard. An imposing rigid and strong column allows the acceleration of the Z axis to 0.75 g.

The Vcenter A series allows fast speeds of 48 / m / min in all axes and reduces time off chips and optimizes the use of the pin.

Tool change in 4.3 seconds!

  • The double-arm changer bidirectional random selection for a store 24 tools offer a quick change of tools and reliability. Option 32 and 40 tools.
  • The chip-to-chip tool loading time is only 4.3 seconds.
  • System improvement tool SK40 / BT40 with a more robust zipper
    (14mm diameter) increases the cutting capacity and irrigation flow pin center compared to conventional pull. (Diameter 10mm).

Grand damping capacity and high rigidity slides

  • Fasteners ballscrews are cast in the frame for greater rigidity. This ensures a constant support of the ball screw for the entire life of the machine.
  • Diameter perfectly sized ball screws and linear guides ensure high rigidity during machining
  • Live axis motors on ball screws with flexible couplings.
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S pecificationVC-A72
X axis travel720 mm
Travel Y-axis480 mm
Z axis travel660 mm
Dimension of the table 800 x 460 mm
Spindle speed12000 (opt. 15000) rev / min
Net weight5 500 kg