Falling oil prices may well be having an adverse impact upon the subcontract supply chain, however Victor CNC customers are weathering the storm well credit to their wise investments in the company’s heavy duty Vturn turning centres.

Rochdale based Victor CNC has witnessed considerable interest in its heavy duty line of turning centres with interest pouring in from the power generation, oil & gas and aerospace sectors. In particular, the Vturn-40 and Vturn-45 range of Slant Bed CNC Lathes with bed lengths of 2.20m, 3.25m and 4.25m and high feed rates for heavy cutting have proven a very popular choice.

The Vturn 40 and Vturn 45 lathes both offer a huge swing over bed of 780mm, a maximum turning diameter of 620mm and a through bore headstock of 91 and 117.5mm respectively. These considerable dimensions are traversed at rates of up 20m/min whilst flexibility can be derived from a C-axis (VDI-50 or BMT-75) or Y and C-axis with BMT-75 turret option. The standard turret has a 10 tool capacity, whilst the live tooling option has a 12 station turret, the BMT-75 option also ffers ‘half index capability, effectively a 24 station turret. With flexibility and work envelope being two core features of the Vturn 40 and Vturn 45, another key element is the platform the machines are built upon.

From this perspective, both machines consist of a one-piece casting that demonstrates structural stiffness. This structural integrity has also been implemented in the turret carriage, which has been reinforced to deliver greater cutting performance, tool life and surface finishes whilst conducting heavy machining.

To perform such arduous machining, Victor CNC has installed a 37kW spindle motor with a two-stepped gearbox to generate high torque levels throughout the speed range of the spindle on the standard 2-axis model, whilst the C, and Y/C-axis variants have Direct Drive Spindle Motors of 45kW. These enable high stock removal rates on all material types regardless of the spindle speed.

For heavy duty machining of challenging materials on a daily basis with a requirement for extreme torque levels at low speeds, the Vturn 46 has proven the machine of choice. This colossus of the Vturn series has a 4-step gearbox inside the headstock to increase cutting torque to a massive 536.4kg/m at a low spindle speed of just 67rpm.

To support such heavy duty machining, the Vturn 46 incorporates box slideways with a hardness of 55HRc  and a 60° slant bed with minimal distance from Z-axis ball screw to the tool tip. This combination ensures that swarf falls freely from the work area whilst rigidity is maintained throughout the machining process regardless of cutting conditions. Like the Vturn 40 and 45, the Vturn 46 is available with a C-axis spindle and a VDI live tooling turret that generates a milling power of 7kW/2500rpm.