In its pursuit of productivity, Victor CNC has now introduced its Vturn P20 range of slant bed turning centres. In this latest line of machines, Victor has not only enhanced the structure of the Vturn P-series lathes with an improved slant

bed and turret design, but it has also upgraded the rapid feed rates in order to improve productivity.

The result for the end user is an extremely high powered spindle that is built upon a remarkably rigid construction. For example, the new Vturn P20 has a 15kW spindle motor for heavy material removal rates. To constitute such heavy material removal rates, the Vturn P20 has double roller bearings and angular thrust bearings that absorb axial cutting forces. Furthermore, the spindle cover is designed with a four layered labyrinth seal to protect the spindle bearings. All this is encased in a heavily ribbed headstock that enforces the spindle performance whilst demonstrating unparalleled heat dissipation.

The robust build of the spindle and headstock is mirrored in the single piece Meehanite bed casting that equally distributes stress throughout the structure. Furthermore, the Z-axis ballscrew is mounted on the slant bed and not the machine base. This minimises the distance from the turret to the ballscrew, which improves cutting stiffness and rigidity. The result is impeccable surface finishes and prolonged tool life, regardless of the material machined or cutting parameters.

From a capacity perspective, the Vturn P20 has a swing over bed diameter capacity of 520mm with a maximum turning diameter of 280mm. The Spindle bore permits barfeeding up to 52mm (66mm for Large Spindle Bore option) with an impressive 440mm between centres. To support the machining of such component diameters, the Vturn P20 has an X-axis travel of 20+140mm and a Z-axis traverse of 370mm, which are swiftly covered by 30m/min rapid rates.

The tool turret on the Vturn P20 can hold 10 tools with a shank size of 25mm diameter. In addition, a VDI-30 configuration can be specified as a no cost option. The spacious work area permits the use of such large capacity tools whilst delivering a comprehensive component capacity size.


As with all Victor CNC machine tools, the list of standard features is comprehensive. On the Vturn P20 these options include a hydraulic chuck with soft and hard jaws, manually positioned tailstock with programmable power quill and tailstock centre, chip conveyor and cart, fully enclosed splash guarding, handwheel, toolholders, coolant flush on Z-axis cover and 3-step warning lights.


Victor CNC prides itself on serving the needs of every customer and to this end, the optional offerings for the P20 is extremely diverse. The options include, manual and auto tool pre-setters, parts catcher, collet chucks, bar feeding interfaces, oil skimmer, oil mist collector, auto door, robotic automation, increased spindle bore to 66mm (LSB).

For further details on the P20 and the potential of its various options, please contact your nearest Victor CNC representative.